Monday, December 19, 2011

Bad Habits, Part One: Unnecessary supplies

Much like "Irrational Fears", I have a feeling that "Bad Habits" will be a reoccurring theme.

Today's bad habit: Buying craft/sewing supplies that I'm not going to use any time soon.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had bought nearly everything I needed for that Sherlock Holmes costume, which has since gathered dust in my studio/basement. This is hardly the first time this has happened. You don't even want to see my wig collection.

Here's what happens:

Step 1: I get excited about a character/costume/idea/project. Most of the time this happens while I am intoxicated.

Step 2: I diligently declare my desire to follow through on said character/costume/idea/project. Usually while still drunk.

Step 3: In a desire to stay true to my word, I start buying supplies. Sometimes I'm still drunk for this part. That makes getting my purchases much more fun, because sometimes I don't remember what they are, and usually I impulse buy extra stuff for which I have no need. This is how I ended up with a 10-pack of taxidermied lizards. Apparently, they don't come individually. Lesson learned.

Step 4: (Optional) Start project!

Step 5: Get distracted with new idea and start process over again.

Now, sometimes I actually finish a project. And this is a proud moment where I can say that I have triumphed over my ADHD and actually have something to show for it. I'm actually really good about finishing things for other people, be it a commission or a gift. I'm even good at consistently finishing my costumes before I wear them to a convention (though sometimes they are finished at 2am the night before).

What I'm not good at finishing is all the little projects that seem like great ideas when I buy the supplies. For example, I bought a silk-screening machine with the intention of offering custom designs in my etsy store. It is still in the box. I bought it two years ago. Really, one of these days, I will break it out, and it will be seem like Christmas. Hopefully, the company that makes it will still be in business then, and I will still be able to buy replacement supplies.

But my biggest supply-buying transgression is definitely beading and jewelry supplies. I've been planning on offering jewelry in my etsy store for years now. I actually do sell some stuff at conventions, but I never get around to listing it on etsy. In the meantime, I keep buying beads and trinkets that I think will make awesome jewelry. Perhaps I was a magpie in a past life... the way I collect shiny baubles and beads. Today I added to my growing bead supply wasteland:

This is a pound of tagua nut beads in a cool linen sack. It was $16 at my local organic grocery store. I hope that's a good price... don't tell me if it's not.

I'm really a sucker for tagua nuts. I think it's so cool that a nut could look like ivory. Combine that with some fond memories of my grandmother's partner showing and explaining what tagua nuts were and how they looked in their natural form (like little coconuts), and the fact that I used one in my friend's Elizabeth Swann cosplay... well, I just couldn't pass this up.

So I immediately brought them home to take a picture of them, and yes, play with them and sort through them.... aaaaaand then add them to my beading pile of supplies that I may never get to. But here's to hoping they won't just collect dust!

And, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to conjure up my next big project and unnecessary expenditures.


  1. Ummmmm . . . we might be related. I have some pretty similar problems. But seriously, can we start silk-screening hilarious onesies for the Quinns????

  2. Why yes, I think that is a brilliant idea. Maybe I should just bring the silk-screener over and we can figure it out together.