Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sherlock Holmes' Amazing Costumes

I keep seeing previews for the new Sherlock Holmes movie... and damn, I am always drooling over the costumes. I'm a sucker for a well-tailored period suit:

And fancy suits:
Even the women's clothes are drool-inducing (well, they were always drool-inducing, but I would even consider making them):

Of course, I can't up and try to recreate these costumes. I'm still supposed to be fixing up and re-doing my studio (another post on that later)... And then I need to re-open my Etsy store... all, while juggling my new roles as mother and housewife (while playing Skyrim). Not to mention that I already bought all the stuff to make this Holmes' outfit from the first movie:

Those particular supplies are still sitting in my closet, untouched.

But I did do a dork-tastic make-up test to see if I could pull it off when the first movie came out:

Yeah, I'm a huge, cross-dressing nerd.... But I know you're jealous of my cool pipe.

Where was I?
Oh yeah!

I need to work on staying focused and actually finishing projects that I started. But I may have to get a baby-sitter so I can see the new movie. Who knows, I might even pay attention to the plot instead of just the costumes.

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