Wednesday, December 14, 2011

To the Post Office, With Love

I love my local post office. With my job at Feral Works (the first of many shameless plugs), I try to ship out orders about 3 times a week... So I've become very familiar with the Bay View post office.

I have a lot of respect for these guys. They work long hours, on their feet all day, and they deal with some of the most irritable people on earth. With the cuts the government made to the postal system this year, they had to close a number of offices and lay off a number of employees. This means that the post offices that are still open are stretched thinner than ever. So yeah, there's long lines, which sucks, but patience is a virtue. I've heard these folks get reamed on a regular basis from people who are inconvenienced by standing in a line for ten minutes.

Postal employees have my respect. They are always happy to see me, even though I never bring them packages that are liquid, fragile or potentially hazardous (boring, right?). So today, I brought them some cupcakes I made:

Hopefully, this will brighten up what is certainly a stressful holiday season for them.


  1. I want to hear how they reacted! Where is the p.s. to this post?

    (BTW, excited that you are writing publicly again.)

  2. Thanks!

    The postal employees were pretty happy when I dropped them off. I haven't been back yet to get the full post-cupcake report.